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riva light cure ( riva )

riva light cure ( riva )
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Easy Activation

The new Easy Activation capsules are now 70% easier to activate.
This saves you time and effort when preparing a restoration.

Bioactive glass

Riva Light Cure contains ionglassTM filler,  made of a unique blend of different sizes of ultrafine highly reactive glass particles.

This bioactive proprietary hybrid glass enables long term restorations, being outstanding in handling, strength and aesthetics.

The ionglassTM filler contains fluoride and strontium ions
which synergistically enhance tooth bioremineralisation.
(Source: Thuy et al. Arch Oral Biol. 2008 Nov; 53(11):1017-22)

Superior biocompatibility ensures healthier teeth, the restoration will last longer and the patient will be more satisfied.

Riva Light Cure mimics teeth

Riva Light Cure ionglassTM biomimetic technology mimics dentine’s hydrophilic characteristic. It also mimics translucency and opacity of dentine and enamel, for a beautiful natural-looking restoration.

Riva Light Cure replaces dentine and bonds chemically to the tooth. No etching or adhesive is required, dramatically reducing the risk of sensitivity. A patient with a nice smile and no sensitivity has better quality of life.

High flexural strength

Riva Light Cure with ionglassTM biomimetic technology ensures very high flexural strength, for long term restorations that will withstand mastication forces without cracking. The high flexural strength also makes Riva Light Cure the ideal material for minimally invasive treatments, cervical erosions/abfraction lesions, class V restorations and as a base or liner.

High fluoride release

The extra strong matrix provides great fluoride release. This increases the chances that Riva Light Cure restorations will be free of caries, while having very low wear.

Research shows that Riva Light Cure has the highest cumulative fluoride release at 6 weeks. With Riva Light Cure, patients receive long term restorations every time, increasing their satisfaction with the treatment provided by the dentist.


Source: Al-Naimi OT, Lopes MB, McCabe JF, Prentice LH. Flexural Strength of Resin-Modified Glass-Ionomer cements (RMGICs). Brisbane (Australia); June 2006.
*Not a registered trademark of SDI.


†Source: PANPISUT, P. and TONELUCK, A. Monomer conversion, dimensional stability, biaxial flexural strength, and fluoride release of resin-based restorative material containing alkaline fillers. DENTAL MATERIALS JOURNAL, 2020.
*Not a registered trademark of SDI.

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