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Dental Instrument
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DESCRIPTIONIndicationsLuting of:porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, bridges on hard dental tissue and on cores rebuilt with amalgam, composites or glass ..
Ex Tax:40.000
Light-curing radiopaque calcium hydroxide paste-Effective protection of the pulp-Ready-to-use one-component material-Time-saving light-curing and dir..
Ex Tax:450.000
OMNICHROMA is the world’s first universal composite that esthetically matches every patient, from A1 to D4, with a single shade. Its uniformly sized s..
Ex Tax:800.000
Even more efficientHigh thixotropy, doesn’t flowUltra-fast and easy rinsingExcellent contrast. Blue or Green translucent gelVery easy extrusionNon-dry..
40.000 43.000
Ex Tax:40.000
Highly filled.Thixotropic: the material will not flow and will remain in place.Time saving: no need for a metallic matrix.Very resistant: flexural str..
143.000 150.000
Ex Tax:143.000
Easy cleaning and removalExcellent antibacterial effect and radiopacityPremixed paste in a convenient syringeExcellent accessibility to the root canal..
133.000 140.000
Ex Tax:133.000
Features• Swivel ceramic cuspidor• Backrest with fast movement function.• One touch for 3 functions: chair movement, bowl rinse and operation light.• ..
Ex Tax:27,000.000
Fashion DesignFignger controlFree MovementPrecise postitioningMulti-function timerEasy-operational handset..
Ex Tax:22,000.000

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ask now for everything that's important to your clinic through our store or contact at


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